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If you are an athlete, sports coach, healthcare specialist or teacher, the SpeedFlexer is one of the most important pieces of equipment available to improve flexibility.
The SpeedFlexer from JEB Sports Equipment records the flexibility in each of your legs. In many cases people are performing below their potential because they are not doing the correct exercises to help improve flexibility.
A flexibility reading from the SpeedFlexer gives you a clearer picture of why you may not be performing to your full potential or why you are not as healthy and fit as you could be.
A common problem for athletes, children and teenagers is Poor Flexibility. It restricts a large number of people and is a major cause of injuries and other health problems.
According to New Jersey Medical School’s Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Volume 77, pp 1139-1143, 1996), increasing your flexibility reduces injuries. They tested the flexibility of leg tissues, muscles and hips of 200 college athletes at the start of their sports season. These athletes were monitored for a number of months.
The results of this research found that the likelyhood of injury to the male athletes reduced as their flexibility increased. A 10 point ligament flexibility scale was used and the risk of injury decreased by approximately 15% for each 1 point increase in flexibility. Also, for each one point increase in muscle tightness, the likelyhood of injury rose by more than 20%!
Results for female athletes differed to males. Flexibility and their risk of injury was not related. Tests found that females were more flexible than men. They also had less injuries, with the most flexible female athletes having 60% less injuries than males.
Your flexibility measurement is calculated by the degrees to which you can raise each of your legs. According to the Sports Injury Clinic, anything less than 80 degrees is considered ‘tight’. The average reading in Ireland and the UK is much less than this.

“A flexibility angle of 90 degrees is desirable ”
- Howley and Franks 2003


How Can The SpeedFlexer Help You?

A Flexibility Reading from the SpeedFlexer gives you a clearer picture of why you may not be performing to your fullspeedflexer flexibility reader potential. Poor Flexibility is a common problem for athletes, children and teenagers.
In many cases there is an imbalance between how flexible your right and left legs are. Identifying this imbalance makes it easier to fix this problem, through proper training. Improving flexibility in your legs by a few degrees can result in faster running speeds.
These simple improvements also help you avoid unneccessary injuries such as back pain, groin, hamstring and calf injuries.
These types of injuries are a major problem for sports clubs and coaches around the country, but can be avoided with the help of the SpeedFlexer from JEB Sports Equipment.

“Regular stretching can improve your flexibility by 10-15 per cent in just four to six weeks”
- Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport


Who Should Use The SpeedFlexerFlexibility and Stretching

SpeedFlexer Reading’s can help a wide range of people, from elite athletes to patients recovering from an operation.
Flexibility affects all of us, and how our bodies work. The more flexible you are, the healthier lifestyle you will lead, the better you will perform and will help prevent the risk of injury.
The SpeedFlexer reading can help anyone who wants to increase their flexibility including:

  • Athletes and most sportsmen and women
  • Gym members who want to improve their fitness and performance
  • Hospital patients who are recovering from treatment
  • Children before they begin to become inflexible
  • Teenagers when their flexibility starts to decrease
  • Anyone who wants to find out their flexibility reading so they can increase it

As you can see, our bodies flexibility plays an important part in how we live, how we perform in sport and the quality of life we have. The problem is, most of us don’t realise how important this is, and how it affects us. The first step is to find out your flexibility reading with the SpeedFlexer Today!

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Importance of the Speedflexer

Dr. Liam Hennessy

Dr. Liam Hennessy is the Academic Director of Setanta College.

He is a qualified Physical Education teacher, Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

He has spent over 20 years working full-time in sport.

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