Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the SpeedFlexer?
The SpeedFlexer is a piece of fitness equipment that measures the flexibility in each of your legs. The higher the reading (degree you can lift your legs), the more flexible each of your legs are.
2. How can the SpeedFlexer help me?
It quickly and easily detects any inflexibility or imbalance in your legs. Once you know your flexibility measurements you can begin to improve it through stretching exercises.
3. Who can use the SpeedFlexer?
Anyone who wants to find out their flexibility reading including athletes, children, teenagers, gym members, members of sports clubs and patients recovering from treatment.
4. How do I measure my flexibility?

  • Setup on a level floor, clear of any obstructions.
  • Fit in all protractors and height panel as outlined.
  • Person lies on their back onto the SpeedFlexer and align hips with the protractors on either side. Adjust the head marker.
  • Fit lever arm to alternate leg i.e. Fix ankle to steel bar and thigh restraint to opposite leg.
  • Raise leg to comfortable limit and measure on protractor.
  • Release and fit lever arm to opposite leg and measure again.

5. Where can it be used?
The SpeedFlexer is easy to store and does not take up too much space, so it can be used on floors of you home, in gyms or training areas.
6. How much does it cost?
Please contact us on (086) 4041600 or email for more details
7. Is there a guarantee?
Yes, there is a full guarantee with each SpeedFlexer purchased from us
8. Is it available throughout Ireland?
Yes, simply ring (086) 4041600 or email to find out more
9. How do I order the SpeedFlexer?
You can order your SpeedFlexer by phoning (086) 4041600 or emailing
10. What do I do with my flexibility readings from the SpeedFlexer?
Each SpeedFlexer includes a stretching exercises package for beginners, intermediate and advanced users to address inflexibility and any imbalances.

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Speedflexer Team
Ned Burns

Ned is the creator of the SpeedFlexer. He has worked with various schools and sports organisations in Ireland.

One of the main problems he noticed was the lack of flexibility in children, teenagers and adults. He identified the need to accurately record how flexible people's legs are. This has resulted in the SpeedFlexer.

Conor Hayes

Conor is a former Galway hurler who won three All-Ireland winning medals with his County, twice as captain.

He then went on to manage the Galway Senior hurling team, and is still involved in coaching and training.

Dr. Liam Hennessy

Dr. Hennessy is a leading coaching and fitness expert in Setanta College, Dublin.

He is a sports physiologist, and is currently the National Fitness Director of the IRFU. Liam is also Padraig Harringtons fitness adviser and coach.