SpeedFlexer Testimonials

“I think clearly this would be a good device for objectively measuring straight leg raising test which is a good indicator of hamstring problems and hamstring tightness, and also of nerve root tension for the lower lumbar spine.
The big role I would see for this is in assessing people at the beginning, during and as they are progressing through the training season. If you are able to get significant numbers measured like this, you may well be able to indicate that people who have tighter hamstrings are more likely to get either primary or or secondary problems from hamstrings tightness and indeed if they improve their hamstring flexibility that they reduce it.”
- Paraic Murray, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, The Galway Knee Clinic

“The SpeedFlexer has been an important addition to our club. We managed to win the Galway intermediate hurling championship and Connacht intermediate championship without any major injuries during the year.
Once our players understood the importance of readings from the SpeedFlexer, they were able to follow a program to increase their flexibility. This improved their performance and increased their resistance to injury. Our total medical expenses for players was less than 100 Euro for the whole year, and we were able to select our strongest team for every game.”
- Michael Bodkin, Chairman of St. Pearses Hurling Club, Ballymacward, Co. Galway, Phone 087-6111380

“At the start of the year I measured my flexibility with the SpeedFlexer. The flexibility reading for my right leg was 65 degrees and my left leg was 55 degrees.
Once I realised I had poor flexibility and an imbalance between my right leg and left leg I took ownership of my own flexibility working on the exercises for flexibility provided by Speedflexer. I was able to monitor my improvements over a ten week period. My readings now is 85 degrees on both legs. I can now cover more ground because of my longer stride, my kicking has improved because my range of movement has improved. I have more confidence and my performance has improved. I would strongly recommend every player should know his own flexibility and beware of any imbalances, as this will reduce your injuries and you will be available to play in all competitions. ”
- Brian Connor, Offaly GAA Football Midfielder.

“Since I started measuring my flexibility with the SpeedFlexer, I have been able to work on improving my flexibility. This has resulted in a increase in my running speed and I am playing with more confidence.
Greater flexibility also means I have been able to avoid unneccessary injuries throughout the year. The SpeedFlexer has helped improve my game and prepare me better for each game I play in. ”
- Cyril Donnellan, Galway County Hurler.

“In the martial arts, the ability to move quickly and effortlessly is greatly influenced by the level of flexibility you have. Up until now, flexibility was assessed on a fairly arbitrary scale – running from ‘not very’ to ‘extremely’.
However since our karate club has obtained a Speedflexer from JEB Sports Equipment, we have a quantitative measurement of flexibility, and a reliable indicator of any imbalance between left and right legs. This allows us to tailor our stretching exercise programs for specific athletes and accurately track their performance improvement. As a karate instructor, I would recommend the use of Speedflexer as a training aid based on my experience and feedback from karate students in the club.”
- Jim Bradley, 3rd Dan Shotokan Karate – Senior Instructor WSKF Ennis Karate Academy.

“The Speed flexer is a unique product and a very welcome addition to any coach, personal trainer or fitness advisor. Flexibility is an important aspect of fitness training and injury prevention. Previous to the launch of this product, flexibility was only usually addressed after injury had occurred. However with the greater awareness of hamstring and lower back flexibility and especially the imbalances that can occur in young athletes, flexibility can become an equally important aspect of the athletes development.
In the secondary school context this product has created a great awareness of the need for developmental stretching programmes for the adolescent athlete. Having seen first hand the imbalances that can occur and the generally poor flexibility amongst even elite athletes, many students realised the positive effect good bilateral flexibility can have regarding injury prevention, speed development and skill execution in sports. I can see this product being of invaluable use over the years both in physical education and extra curricular provision in Holy Rosary College and with my club Corofin GAA.”
- Aidan Donnellan, Physical Education teacher and Gaelic football coach Holy Rosary College Mountbellew

“We have been using the Speed Flexer at Sheraton Fitness for the past few months to great effect. At Sheraton Fitness we go into a great deal of detail for our clients with their gym programs to ensure that all of our clients reach the target they are looking for and monitoring results during our fitness testing is the key to writing the right fitness programs for our clients.
With the Speed Flexer I have found it very helpful in the bettering of our flexibility testing during the monthly fit test we conduct on all gym users and also in tracking their flexibility during their program progression from the serious sport person to the beginner gym user.
It is useful at helping to identify any potential problems that may arise from training to flexibility, which will result in injury or drop in performance. So this allows our gym instructor to give better advice when reviewing all programs. It is very easy to use and not time consuming during fitness testing and the fact that you are isolating each leg in the test it is giving use a better result in the flexibility testing then normal methods. We find it very useful and is a welcome addition to our fitness testing program.”
- Ross O’ Callaghan, Fitness Club Manager, Sheraton Hotel, Athlone

“We have been extremely pleased with the SpeedFlexer’s that we purchased earlier this year. It combines an ease of use and is a very effective method of testing agility in not only the elite athletes but the general student population.
I would highly recommend the SpeedFlexer to any organisation involved in sport and fitness. It is a durable and very cost effective device and should be a part of any fitness testing module.”
- Damian Curley, GAA Development Officer, GMIT, Galway

“We have used the SpeedFlexer at Monivea Rugby Club to measure our players flexibility over the last few months, and have noticed many improvements in our players at various levels.
The SpeedFlexer has played a big part in reducing injuries to players at all grades. We are now able to identify any inflexibility or imbalances that may lead to injuries such as hamstring problems. Avoiding such injuries means our players are available for more games throughout the season. Detecting and improving players flexibility has also resulted in improved performance from different types of players.
The SpeedFlexer has become an important part of training at Monivea Rugby Club, and will continue to be used to help improve each players performance, and reduce the risk of injury.”
- Grainne McGann, President Of Monivea Rugby Club

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Speedflexer Team
Ned Burns

Ned is the creator of the SpeedFlexer. He has worked with various schools and sports organisations in Ireland.

One of the main problems he noticed was the lack of flexibility in children, teenagers and adults. He identified the need to accurately record how flexible people's legs are. This has resulted in the SpeedFlexer.

Conor Hayes

Conor is a former Galway hurler who won three All-Ireland winning medals with his County, twice as captain.

He then went on to manage the Galway Senior hurling team, and is still involved in coaching and training.

Dr. Liam Hennessy

Dr. Hennessy is a leading coaching and fitness expert in Setanta College, Dublin.

He is a sports physiologist, and is currently the National Fitness Director of the IRFU. Liam is also Padraig Harringtons fitness adviser and coach.